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Room No. Building Name roomCode sqf Rent Window Manager Room Washroom Tap Water Supply Broadband Water Electricity
Rm 23 Joy Fat Fty Y123
no no no no Yes Yes no
Rm 20 Joy Fat Fty Y120
no no no no Yes Yes no
Rm 12 Joy Fat Fty Y112
no no no no Yes Yes no
Rm 08 Joy Fat Fty Y108
no no no no Yes Yes no
Rm 05 Joy Fat Fty Y105
no no no no Yes Yes no
Room Facilities :
Window: "Yes": stand for  the room with window
Manager Room: "Yes": the room has extra room for manager
Washroom: "Yes": the room include a washroom; if "No" washroom at the same floor
Tap Water Suply: "Yes": the room has tap water supply
Rent includes services :
Broadband: "Yes" : monthly rent include broadband service
Water: "Yes" : monthly rent include water supply fee
Electricity: "No": monthly rent exclude electrictiy fee